Fort Portal – Tooro Botanical Gardens

Spending some time in the region of Fort Portal, I visited ‘Tooro Botanical Gardens’ which are showcasing and conserving a diverse living plant collection from the Albertine Rift region of Uganda. TBG describes itself as followed:

This wonderful public garden is a unique environment where a variety of flowers, medicinal plants vegetables and fruits are grown. It is a magical place to wander around, taste locally grown fruits and vegetables and get to know the rich biodiversity of the region. Especially birds find a favourable environment here.

Malu, another Solivol Volunteer from Artefact who is working at the TBG, gave us kind of a guided tour through the gardens showing us different trails that you can follow, tree nurseries, stone gardens, a butterfly breeding and much more. It was really interesting to listen to Malu who gained a great knowledge about the variety of plants in Uganda. We really enjoyed the day! Have a look at what we’ve seen over there in TBG.

01. March 2012 by Makkus
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