BEIA – Biomass Energy Initiative Africa

Biomass is and will continue to be a predominant local source of energy in Sub‐Saharan Africa for many decades, since it is used for a lot of purposes. More than three billion people worldwide rely on biomass for cooking and heating. In addition to unsustainable utilisation of biomass, the use of indoor open fires represents an enormous yet often ignored health risk, responsible for killing an estimated 1.9 million people every year due to pneumonia, chronic respiratory diseases and lung cancer. Approximately 60 percent of indoor air pollution’s victims are women, while 56 percent of all indoor air pollution-attributable deaths occur in children under five years of age. Modernization of this sector with a view to obtaining a sustainable supply, efficient usage and new modern and cleaner applications of biomass energy is necessary and can be justified based on health, energy security, socio‐economic, and global and local environmental reasons.

Biomass Energy Initiative for Africa (BEIA) is launching projects to create a market and raise awareness for efficient biomass stoves in order to reduce reliance on forests for traditional biomass. BEIA is administered by the World Bank Africa Energy Unit (AFTEG), under Energy Sector Management Assistance Program’s (ESMAP), Africa Renewable Energy Access (AFREA) Trust Fund, which is supported by the Government of the Netherlands.

Within the BEIA project, J.E.E.P. is launching activities to promote energy saving stoves which are working more efficient. For Uganda, the purpose is to provide knowledge about the so called TLUD (Top Lit Up Draft) stove which is green, of low emission and saving around 75 % fuel material compared to a traditional 3 stone fire wood stove. Even more it creates charcoal out of the fuel material.

Testing and promoting the stoves, we’ve been around in several areas of Kampala. Of course I had the camera with me to take some great shots of testing the stoves and the promoting actions we undertook. Like always I could not keep my head off the kids, so you will find some of those shots as well. Love them.. 🙂

31. October 2011 by Makkus
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