Sipi Falls

During our field trip to Mbale, I was able to shortly visit the famous Sipi Falls, located near Mount Elgon. Sipi Falls which are actually a series of three tall waterfalls all plunging along the lower slopes of Mt Elgon (the 4th highest peak in Africa shared between Eastern Uganda and Western Kenya) are an absolute must to visit. Unfortunately I could only visit the second waterfall which is said to be 75m tall (tallest fall is about 100m). Anyway it was a great view and experience to see those wonderful fall. Even more, beyond the base of the falls, the trail to the falls climbs steeply towards a small cave with a view back at the main Sipi Falls. Soooo great 😛 Here u go…

23. November 2011 by Makkus
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  1. Beautiful. Looking forward to see everyone here

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