Spending a weekend in the middle of nowhere

Right after our field trip to Mbale I was able to visit Arne and Nina, two Solivol volunteers who are staying near Bududa at the slopes of Mount Elgon. It was quite interesting to see how they are living in such a simple way without power and water supply, far away from any civilization. We spent a great time over there enjoying the nature and environment including a day trip to the cliffs of Mount Wanale, walking like 30km through great environment and lots of bizarre and colourful rock formations where people live really decentralized in small self-built mud houses. After joining  two remote lagoons for a nice waterfall shower and climbing some 10m boulder rocks, we finally climbed into the cliffs of Mount Wanale to have a drink and to enjoy unspoilt nature and panoramic views that can’t be put into words.

25. November 2011 by Makkus
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