A Liter of Light

Millions of families in developing countries still live in the dark. Even at day dozens of homes lack of light because they are easy built without any windows and remain powerless.

A few weeks ago I came across a really nice project called “A Liter of Light”:

‘MyShelter Foundation’  envisions sharing to underprivileged communities an economically- and ecologically-sustainable source of light that will provide an immediate solution to our fellowmen’s problems.

In their project “A Liter of Light” the foundation is promoting and caring out a sustainable lighting project which aims to bring an eco-friendly solar bottle bulb to disprivileged communities on the Philippines. The solar bottle bulb is a contraption made from recyclable PET bottles, CG corrugated sheets and a solution of water, chlorine and salt. By using these readily available materials, the project is empowering the population to be able to utilize a cheap and long-term alternative to electric light.

Once being aware about this project whilst travelling through Uganda, I really wanted to integrate it sooo much into JEEP. Especially after having seen all the dark rooms and houses on the field trip to Mbale and on the trip to the middle of nowhere, I wanted to press this project ahead in Uganda.

So here we are. Today we installed the first solar bottle bulb in our bottle house as a test installation to see how it works and to see if we can reach the power of 55 Watts as “A Litre of Light” is telling.. 😛

30. November 2011 by Makkus
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  1. Hello,

    It’s nice to know you are very active in the 1 Liter of Light project. We’re putting up together a big documentary here in the Philippines. The last part of the film we will be featuring the other countries that are also doing the same initiative. I have some requests if it’s possible.

    1. Raw footages of you installing 2-3 homes.
    2. interview of you as the person pushing the project.

    a. What do you think of this project and the impact it will bring to your area?
    b. Can you describe in a sentence the kind of change he made in this world?
    c. What can he say about the timeline of the project? How you achieved success with this project on a short period of time? thoughts…
    d. Do you think you already reached the full circle? What’s next for you? FUTURE
    e. REFLECTION – about what you want to share to the younger generation (about creating their own 1L Light), what you want people to get out of this project.
    f. Do you think this will be your legacy?
    g. How do you plan to spread it to people?

    FOOTAGE must consist of

    1. Installation, 2-4 houses
    2. Stories of beneficiaries

    a. footages of their area
    b. interviews of their life stories
    c. how it changed their lives

    If it’s possible may it be shot in HD? 🙂 Perhaps in DSLR HD (1080p)

    Please get back to me, we start editing the full documentary end of January, would it be ok to send over DVD files? thank you!

    Jeminah Ruth Santos Ferrer
    My Shelter Foundation Media Relations OIC

    • Hey Jeminah! Great to hear from you! Unfortunately you did not provide an email adress to contact you directly.

      Can you send an email to markusespeter (at) gmail.com?`

      Thank you for your interest!

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