Gaddafi Mosque

The Uganda Moslem Supreme Council Mosque – also known as Gaddafi Mosque – is the largest mosque in Uganda with a seating capacity of 15,000. Located on Old Kampala hill,  it is shaping the skyline of the eastern part of Kampala city. With its Minaret Tower on top of the hill, the Mosque is not only a place for Muslims but also a tourist attraction. So we lately visited the Mosque paying 10000 UGX, equipped with my Lumix GF2 and my Leica Lens to catch some magnificent views and lots of pictures of the panorama of Kampala City and its 20 hills. Unfortunately the air was so hazy that I did not have a clean blue sky for taking the photos! Anyway: Have a look on what we’ve seen from Kampala up there. 😉

01. February 2012 by Makkus
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