World Environment Day 2012

Curious about the environment like all the time, JEEP was celebrating  the World Environment Day (WED) on Tuesday, 5th June 2012 in the areas of Masaka and Kasese where we exhibited and showed our skills and activities. Theme of this years WED was the Green Economy.

JEEP participated in  events in both areas  and exhibited a number of energy saving technologies including the TLUD stove, Sarai cooker, hay basket cookers, charcoal stoves and built up shielded rocket stoves on that day. Other things displayed were alternative energy fuels and techniques to contain energy including solar, briquettes, tree seedlings and the “Liter of Light

All the technologies displayed captured people’s attention and innovated their interests to get to know more about the technologies including the Minister of Environment Mrs Mutagamba. She asked about our plans to ensure that these technologies disseminate to all districts in Uganda. Among other visitors especially a lot of school children, local people and different officials were interested in our technologies.

02. July 2012 by Makkus
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